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Brent Jarvis Releases His New Album “The Medium.”

December 2, 2015


Pianist Brent Jarvis releases his new album The Medium Friday, December 4 at Hermann’s.

Inspired in part by a Bill Evan’s quote and Marshall McLuhan’s revolutionary sixties bestseller The Medium is the Massage, the album features Jarvis on piano and Rhodes, Miguelto Valdes on flugelhorn and congas, Jose Sanchez on timbales and cajon, and Steve MacDonald on bass.

Jarvis says his goal was to mix the standard jazz repertoire and bebop with Cuban rhythms and large ensemble writing.

The quote that inspired the album reads, “To the person who uses music as a medium for the expression of ideas, feelings, images, or what have you; anything which facilitates this expression is properly his instrument.”

The show gets underway at 8pm. Tickets are $15/$20.

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