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Nanaimo Jazz Scene Still Breathing?

January 10, 2012

The Nanaimo jazz scene is pretty quiet these days according to a report from James McRae but there are a few things happening:

 1. A Tuesday jazz jam run by Vancouver Island University (VIU) jazz students at a downtown restaurant called the Rendezvous.
2.  VIU occasionally puts on a jazz show.   But the last show listed on the jazz department website is from March 2010.  No sign of anything  on the Malaspina Theatre calendar either. McRae says they did run something in September and have a show planned this month. What it is seems to be anybody’s guess.
3. McRae has a few shows at The Front Street Grill (formerly The Red Martini) and the Rendezvous this month.
4. The Acme Food Company (a restaurant) sometimes has background jazz on weekends and McRae has shows scheduled there for April and June.
5. McRae also reports occasional events on Gabriola Island.
Could the university, with its four-year jazz performance program, pump things up a bit? What about the Friends of Nanaimo Jazz Society? Courtenay has a great scene happening.  It would be cool to see that in Nanaimo as well, particularly given its pedigree as the home town of The Jensen Sisters and Diana Krall.
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