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Anne Schaefer Solo Show

April 7, 2011 Comments off

Montreal pianist Marianne Trudel considers vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Anne Schaefer to be something of a national treasure. Trudel adores Schaefer’s unconventional vocal approach so much she has invited her to Montreal a few times to play and record with her.

Well, you’ll have a chance to hear Schaefer, who for a day job directs the music program at Larsen Music, all on her own this Friday night at Hermann’s when she appears in a unique solo show she’s put together partly in support of the club, which she says is going through a bit of a transition.

The jazz offerings at Hermann’s for the month of April have been looking pretty lean, and so Schaefer’s genre-bending show is a welcome addition to the calendar.  Highly recommended. 8pm/$10

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