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JazzFest May Be Over But The Island Summer Jazz Scene is Just Starting to Heat Up

July 8, 2009

With JazzFest over, the local jazz scene has already started to heat up again, most notably with the Victoria Conservatory of Music (VCM) Summer Jazz Workshops which began on Monday.

Besides teaching, the superb jazz faculty Gord Clements has assembled will be unleashing their horns and axes for some great shows open to the public that actually get underway tonight at Hermann’s with an appearance by the Misha Piatigorsky Trio (Sean Drabitt on bass, Willard Dyson on drums).

If you haven’t heard Piatigorsky, one of the more in-demand pianists in New York, it’s time you did. You can read more about him both in the Emily Braden review I’ve posted on this site and at his own website  http://www.mishamusic.com/

The show starts at 8pm. Tickets are $10/$15.

Thursday night the Tom Vickery Trio does its weekly Hermann’s gig/jam, starting at 8pm ($6) and Friday night the Scott White Quartet (Roy Styffe on sax, Alfons Fear on trumpet, and Kelby MacNayr on drums) records a live CD at Hermann’s.  A blurb from White’s press release is worth quoting to give a better sense of what he’s been up to of late:

“Scott White is one of the West Coast’s most prominent musicians, but has been living and performing in Europe for most of the last 12 years. This last year alone has seen him touring with various bands all over Europe and North America, releases on Sony Records amongst other labels, and recent performances in Rome, Salzburg, Naples, Munich, etc, including a recent performance with Ed Thigpen of Oscar Peterson fame. On top of this was a 6 month stint in Amsterdam, partly to prepare a theatre show for Concertgebouw productions, premiering in Jan 2010, and touring for 2 months thereafter. Meanwhile, every summer he is back home in Victoria, and when not touring with ‘the Bills’, helping out with the ‘Marc Atkinson Trio’, or recording another cd with Anne Schaefer, he has been putting together a quartet of his favourite players. They recorded a demo last year, and where where immediately offered performances at the Vancouver(July 2) and Victoria (July 3)jazz festivals this summer, and are preparing for their live CD recording and Concert at Hermann’s (July 10) in Victoria. The music features many of Scott’s originals, and is loosely in the ornette Coleman Quartet tradition, with a combination of burning energy, free group composition, some rock energy, hair raising tenderness, and humour as well. Scott is particularly happy to be re united with his old Vancouver buddy and favourite saxophonist Roy Styffe, who fortunatley chose to move to Victoria recently.”

There will be lots of energy at that show – definitely worth attending and getting your applause immortalized on the recording!  8pm is the time and the cover is $10.

White makes another appearance on Saturday night at Hermann’s with the White-McRae-Jarvis-Lapp Quartet, which promises to be an energetic meeting of  great equals (Scott White on bass, James McRae on drums, Brent Jarvis on piano, and Daniel Lapp on trumpet).  That one also starts at 8pm and the cover is $10.

There’s more to come.  Stay tuned.

– Rick Gibbs

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