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Good News from Coda, Canada’s National Jazz Magazine?

June 10, 2009

Coda_Jazz_Understood-mastheReaders of Coda, Canada’s national jazz magazine, have no doubt been scratching their heads for the last six months (at least) wondering what had happened to the magazine.

The same has been true for Coda’s writers (including this correspondent) whose articles disappeared into a black hole before they finally learned a few months back that Coda had suspended publication with no word on when (or if) it would reappear.

It had been suggested in a couple of online forums that publisher Mark Barnes should post some kind of explanation on the magazine’s website. Finally that has happened, and, if we can believe what we read, the news is good.

In a letter posted June 1, 2009, Barnes writes, “We have recently resumed publication with a 2009 Quintessential Canadian Jazz Guide. Publication of the next issue of Coda magazine will be announced shortly. All advertising, subscription and financial obligations will be met in due course.”

The letter goes on to say that readers can expect “an improved publication with timelier reporting and enhanced customer service.” Promises to writers and advertisers are also detailed in the letter.

Most magazines in Canada function under constant threat of financial failure because the market in this country is so small. It’s difficult to generate sufficient advertising revenue when you have a small subscription base, and most of the expense of producing a magazine is actually wrapped up in the first copy, with the per copy cost of production declining as more copies are printed.

A jazz magazine, of course, has an even tougher time because its potential market is even smaller. Coda does have international subscribers and it is well respected for its content, but even at that its clearly been difficult for it to survive, having gone through a number of owners and various difficulties since its launch in 1958.

Here’s hoping the news in the letter does reflect the actual situation and Coda will be back on its feet before long.

You can read the letter and see the online version of the jazz festivals guide at http://www.coda1958.com/index.php

–Rick Gibbs

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  1. Ron Bull
    June 14, 2009 at 6:13 pm

    I have paid for a 1 year subscription and have yet to receive one magazine. This explains why thank you.

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