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Joe Coughlin, Meet James Bond

June 2, 2009

joecropJoe Coughlin can’t say his life has been boring of late. Not only has he launched a brand new album and won the National Jazz Award for Male Vocalist of Year for the second year in a row, but he’s also met James Bond in the flesh.

James Bond, you say? Wait a minute – isn’t he a fictitious character? Yes, that’s true but Pierce Brosnan isn’t a fictitious actor. The way Coughlin tells the story, he was at The Cellar in Vancouver in May launching his new recording Low Down West Broadway when somebody came up to him at the break and said, “James Bond is in the house.”

Coughlin just laughed it off until he saw a familiar figure, sans tuxedo, martini, and Walther PPK, walking towards him at the end of the show. Brosnan greeted Coughlin warmly and spent several minutes chatting with him and telling him how much he liked his singing.

It turns out Brosnan is a huge jazz fan and was so taken by Coughlin’s vocal work that he purchased two CD’s. Needless to say, Coughlin’s publicist was thrilled when the story made the rounds of the Vancouver gossip columns the next day.

The really good news is that Victoria audiences can share in the fun, congratulate Coughlin on his jazz award, and pick up his new recording this Friday, June 5 and Saturday, June 6 at Hermann’s. Coughlin will be appearing both evenings to launch the CD with his “Island band” consisting of Pat Coleman on guitar, Tony Genge on piano, Ken Lister on bass and Buff Allen on drums.

Not only that, but the venerable Straight, No Chaser jazz show on UVic’s CFUV radio station will run a retrospective of Coughlin’s 30-year career with him as a special guest this Wednesday night from 6-8pm.

You can get all the details at
http://cfuv.uvic.ca/ and at http://www.hermannsjazz.com/

And you can learn more about Coughlin and his new album at http://www.joecoughlinjazz.com/

And if you haven’t already read it, check out my profile of Coughlin that appeared in Monday Magazine last year. You’ll find that at https://islandjazz.ca/2009/04/08/joe-coughlins-road-to-success/

You can’t go wrong with this vocalist and these musicians. Highly recommended show. Oh, and stay tuned for a review of the new album in the next few days.

– Rick Gibbs

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