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Hypatia Creative Women’s Jazz Orchestra Featured in Boulevard Magazine

June 29, 2009 Comments off

A few months ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Lorae Farrell and members of the Hypatia Creative Women’s Jazz Orchestra for a Boulevard Magazine profile.   That article is now out in the latest issue of  Boulevard and can be found  here (starting on page 108).

Part of my research included a telephone interview with Sherrie Maricle, leader of the New York-based DIVA Jazz Orchestra and an email interview with Vancouver Island’s own Ingrid Jensen, who was a member of DIVA when it was first created, but has since moved on, of course, to a successful solo career (also based in New York).  Both players have interesting views about all-female jazz groups, which you’ll find presented in the article, along with a little of the history of women in jazz.

Of course the article is mainly about Hypatia and also includes comments from Hugh Fraser and Monik Nordine as well as members of the group.

– Rick Gibbs

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Pianist Patrick Godfrey Offers Unique Alternative to JazzFest

June 27, 2009 Comments off

AGH_June28posterVictoria pianist/vocalist Patrick Godfrey, who has recorded with the likes of Bruce Cockburn and Daniel Lanois; and enjoyed the critical praise of jazz writers like Mark Miller, offers an eclectic alternative to JazzFest this Sunday, June 28 at Alix Goolden Hall.

Godfrey, appearing with bassist Joey Smith and drummer Damian Graham, will perform a mixed program that, while incorporating some straight-ahead jazz, will feature vocals from his new CD That’s Why, solo piano improvisations in the style of his recent Still Life Still, and re-imagined older material from his Ancient Ships CD, this time arranged for trio.

This ambitious program will display just some of the many sides Read more…

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Victoria JazzFest International – Best Bets

June 22, 2009 Comments off

I’ll be away from my desk for a few days and so I thought I’d leave you with my take on some of the shows worth seeing at Jazzfest International this year in Victoria.  I’ll most likely  add a few suggestions towards the end of the week.

Hugh Fraser Quintet/Chucho Valdes Quintet

Has the potential to be one of the most exciting shows of this or any jazz festival. Fraser has known Valdes for years, first studying with him and then going on to perform and record with him. Inspired by their friendship, you can bet both players (and their bands) will be in top form, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Valdes invites Fraser to sit in at some point during his set. If that happens they’ll blow the roof off the Royal Theatre. Both groups will likely do that anyway. If I were to pick one big-ticket show only, this would be it.

Marc Atkinson Electric Band

Marc Atkinson is always worth hearing, and with this new project featuring himself on electric guitar, Joey Smith on electric bass, Chad Geekie on keyboards, and Bill Hicks on drums, Atkinson will be offering cool blues/funk sounds to contrast with his acoustic trio’s gypsy jazz flavours. This is the group’s debut Victoria performance and should be a whole lot of fun.   The only catch – Atkinson is opening for Hiromi’s Sonic Bloom at the Royal, and so you will have to pay the big bucks to get in. Mind you, Hiromi sounds pretty interesting, too – should be quite a show.

Maureen Washington Band

I first heard Maureen Washington several weeks ago at Hermann’s, and all I can say is you should take the time to catch her show at JazzFest.  There’s a whole lot of sass, energy, and personality in her performance, and she knows how to make a jazz standard come alive. This lady is the real thing.

Emily Braden Quartet/Misha Piatigorsky

Emily Braden has spent a lot of time in New York this past year, opening her ears, refining her vocal style and recording a studio album that Piatigorsky produced for her. Backed by Sean Drabitt on bass, Jesse Cahill on drums and Piatigorsky on piano, she’ll have a lot to say to her adopted home town audience. For his part, the New York-based Piatigorsky is an inspired pianist with incredible energy. His performance last year was a highlight. Expect more of the same.

Sean Drabitt Group

One of Victoria’s hardest working bassists, Sean Drabitt has assembled a fine group, including Brent Jarvis (piano), Roy Styffe (sax), Josh Dixon (drums), Leon Torres (conga), and Emily Braden (vocals) to present the music of the great virtuoso bassist Jaco Pastorius. Drabitt takes his Pastorius seriously – expect a really good show – too bad it’s in Centennial Square (note to JazzFest folks – Market Square was a much better outdoor venue).

Esquimalt High Jazz Combo

Hugh Fraser says that these Esquimalt students are playing at a higher level and sounding better than a lot of college bands he’s heard over the years. They’ve been developing their performance skills all year at Hermann’s  A couple of the players, including Sean Fyfe on piano, could well go on to major jazz careers. Definitely worth catching their young energy.

Kind of Blue at 50: Jimmy Cobb’s So What Band

And on the other side of the age and experience spectrum, Drummer Jimmy Cobb has hand-picked a fine group of players to recreate the Kind of Blue session he was part of as a 50th anniversary nod to Miles Davis and this most influential of all jazz albums. He’s already played a number of dates in the US and will take the show to Europe after touring Canada. All indications are from early reviews that it’s worth the price of admission and if you close your eyes, you’ll think you’re listening to the original group.

Scott White Quartet

Victoria bassist Scott White, who has been living and performing in Europe for much of the last 12 years, has assembled a group of favourite musicians (Roy Styffe, Kelby MacNayr, Alfons Fear) to present what he describes as music “loosely in the Ornette Coleman Quartet tradition, with a combination of burning energy, free group composition, some rock energy, hair raising tenderness, and humour as well.”  Sounds like fun. The group plans to record a live CD at Hermann’s on July 10, but you can catch them before then at JazzFest.

Roberto Occhipinti Quartet

Toronto-born bassist Roberto Occhipinti, well-known for his work with Hilario Duran and Jane Bunnett, has assembled a fine group of young Cuban musicians including David Virelles on piano, Luis Deniz on alto sax, and Dafnis Prieto on drums. The group’s new album A Bend in the River is getting very positive reviews.  Should be an excellent show and it’s at Hermann’s, which usually means a great listening experience.

Larry Roy/Steve Kirby Quintet

Winnipeg-based Larry Roy is reputed to be a great guitarist much in demand as a session player, and backed by Steve Kirby on bass, who has performed with some of the biggest names in jazz, including Elvin Jones, this group is likely to be one of the hits of the festival for real jazz fans.

As I say, more to come at the end of the week…

– Rick Gibbs

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Jazz Around the Island

June 19, 2009 Comments off

It’s always amazing to me, as I try to keep up with events, just how much high quality live jazz we have in these parts. In addition to the Salt Spring Jazz Festival already covered in a separate story, here’s a rundown of a few other shows happening over the next couple of days.

Toronto vocalist Christine Duncan appears at Hermann’s on Saturday (June 20) with Vancouver sax player Bill Runge, supported by Islanders Hugh Fraser (piano), Ken Lister (bass) and Josh Dixon (drums). Duncan is something of a vocal sensation with her Read more…

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Salt Spring Jazz Festival Offers Great Local Music Fare This Weekend

June 17, 2009 Comments off

The fourth annual Salt Spring Jazz Festival kicks off this Thursday, June 18, with a performance by Victoria blues pioneers Uncle Wiggly’s Hot Shoes Blues Band, a group that once shared the stage with the likes of Paul Butterfield, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Muddy Waters, and is now celebrating its 30-year reunion.

The band, which began at the SUB pub at UVic in the early 80’s and went on to become RCA recording artists, reunited in 2004 to promote the release of their retrospective (and still available) CD Bluesography and since then have continued Read more…

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