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Why This Country Needs More Cultural Funding

April 21, 2009

Despite producing a critically acclaimed debut album and winning a handful of music awards, singer/songwriter/instrumentalist Anne Schaefer still finds herself gathering the resources needed to release her second album.

anneschaeferwaitr1With luck, singer/songwriter Anne Schaefer won’t have to wait much longer to launch her sophomore album, The Waiting Room. Almost a year after recording the follow-up to her critically acclaimed debut Twelve Easy Pieces (2005), Schaefer hopes she’ll soon have the funds needed to mix, master and manufacture what promises to be another stunning recording.

Twelve Easy Pieces won the unconditional praise of music writers from across the country and helped Schaefer win a handful of music awards in 2004-2005, but this success didn’t translate into the pocketful of money needed to finance the next project, and so she embarked on a series of fundraising concerts that allowed her to workshop the tunes and complete the recording, but fell short of the resources needed to actually finish the project.

Despite this setback Schaefer remains optimistic, and this Friday, April 24 at Hermann’s, she will showcase the material from The Waiting Room, with a stellar supporting cast that includes vocalist Emily Braden, drummer Kelby MacNayr, bassist Sean Drabitt and vocalist Brooke Maxwell, with Schaefer singing and performing on guitar and piano.

Schaefer describes The Waiting Room as “a collection of songs that sing the internal dialogues and personal soundtracks of a number of colourful characters sitting in a waiting room.” If it’s anything like the jazz and world beat infused rhythms, harmonies and melodies of Twelve Easy Pieces, it will be another fine recording well worth the wait.

The irony of the title and content isn’t lost on Schaefer who, while setting the project aside for a time, has found herself working in a literal waiting room as Director of the Larsen School of Music in Victoria where she’s been developing an innovative curriculum that has attracted students from throughout the Capital region.

“I’ve been working with some excellent people while trying to create new and interesting things for people in Victoria to explore musically. We’ve had some amazing new classes with some of Victoria’s most innovative and talented musicians, which has been very exciting,” says Schaefer.

Schaefer’s positive approach and optimism are exemplary but her situation does point to a need in this country to unlock more resources to allow proven artists to complete their projects with less difficulty.

While we all wait for that reality to manifest, we can enjoy some fabulous music from Schaefer down at Hermann’s this Friday night. The show starts at 8pm and the cover is $10.

You can sample Schaefer’s music, including a cut from the new album at her website http://www.anneschaefer.com/

–Rick Gibbs

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  1. joan
    April 24, 2009 at 10:50 am

    Anne Schaeffer is a wonderful person, musician, singer, and songwriter – a Victoria treasure. Her show tonight will be amazing. Don’t miss it!

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